Keep an Open

The Community Brought Us Here.

Valley Employee and Family Assistance Program (Valley EFAP) came to Renfrew County in 1993 when 13 organizations supported the concept of an employee and family assistance program. The opportunity to operate locally, while being connected with resources from larger national organizations, allowed Valley EFAP to bring the most relevant resources to the community. The best supports and having a local presence allows Valley EFAP to provide the best option for local employee mental health.

Valley EFAP has the purpose of contributing to community building. It was an excellent fit for this region as the model was based on integrating family into mental health supports.

Professional counsellors are trained to work with a variety of mental health issues, and can easily relate to issues that stem from rural environments. Counsellors have helped adults and children, individuals and couples, new workers and recent retirees.

Our shareholders are employers who invest in Valley EFAP services. This provides a local, peer experience for new employers seeking to provide this service for their workplace.

500,000 Canadians miss work every day because of a mental health issue. This cannot continue if organizations are going to remain productive and if the Canadian economy is going to prosper. Let Valley EFAP help you be a workplace that thrives with positive employee mental health.

For more information on Valley EFAP, or to find out the benefits of having this organization as part of your workforce, please contact us:

Phone: 613-735-2116
Toll Free: 800-661-0340
Crisis Line: 866-996-0991
84 Isabella Street, Pembroke, Ontario K8A 5S5
Fax: 613-735-3210