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World Health Organization Videos

I Had A Black Dog, His Name Was Depression

Living With A Black Dog

Canadian Mental Health Association Videos

Click on these links for videos that you may relate to or learn about for mental health and wellness. These videos have been provided by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Journey to Recovery (10 minutes)

Balance (30 seconds)

Workplace Mental Health (30 seconds)

Additional Videos

Change A Mind About Mental Illness (1 minute, 9 seconds)

Washroom: Partners for Mental Health (30 seconds)

Are You Prepared To Judge (1 minute)

Interview with Clara Hughes (15 minutes, 52 seconds)

Famous People & Disorders (Bipolar, ADHD and BPD)


Alcohol Consumption During the Holidays

Back To School Basics: Easing the adjustment to school routines

Children and Anxiety: What's normal and what's not?

Experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seven Different Personality Types and  how to Deal With Them

Top 10 Tips for Coping With Depression in a Relationship