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What is Mental Health?

Mental health is being able to cope with the normal stress of life. It is being able to contribute to society in a productive way. It is living a generally balanced life, and feeling confident in the ability to handle challenges that come forward.

Mental health is not something that you either have or don't have. It is not a "static" thing. It changes as your life changes. Things that impact your mental health include:

Major Life Events
Moving, changing jobs, getting married or divorced, death of a loved one

Long Term Worries
Concern about a child's future, financial issues, ongoing illnesses

Daily Hassles
Traffic jams, rude people, machines that don't work

Job Misfit
Demands of the job, lack for matching job skills with the ability of the employee

Workplace Environment
Stigma and discrimination, work-life balance, job burnout, violence, bullying, substance abuse, harassment, workplace abuse, stress

Just like our physical health can be impacted by different factors in our lives, so can our mental health. It influences how we feel and our ability to cope with events in life.

Links to Helpful Local Organizations

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous (Renfrew County Links)
Renfrew County Addictions Treatment

Food Banks
St. Joseph’s Food Bank
Salvation Army (Sites in Pembroke and Renfrew)

Bereaved Families of Ontario (Pembroke)

Legal Assistance
FLIC - Family Law Information Centres (Throughout Renfrew County)
Renfrew County Legal Clinic

Family Mediation Centre
Renfrew County Mediation Services

Other Services
Bernadette McCann House
CPAN - Children’s Poverty Action Network
Family & Children's Services
Phoenix Centre for Families and Children

Sexual Assault
Women’s Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County